For course participants: hereunder is a list of the materials needed and which each student will procure and bring to school during the course sessions.


The association will provide for the color and water bowls, the easels and tables for the paintings in charcoal and on moist paper.


For drawings:

drawing paper Fabriano 4 rough, approximately 24 X 33. Black soft pencils ( e.g. Derwent ) between 6B and 8B and soft colored pencils.


Light and darkness sessions:

Natural willow charcoal, soft with diameter of 1 cm.
Paper - Fabriano 5 – 160 g, 50X70 ( 50 % cotton ) or Canson 
Pastel Mi Teintes, 160 g, 50X65 or Ingres d'Arches.


Moist paper painting:

a light paper, paper-cloth type that absorbs the color completely. Since this is not available in Italy, you may buy it at the association office.


Veil painting:

Table: poplar plywood 1 cm thick, size 60x80

paper: Fabriano Artistico, big grain, 300 g ( 100% cotton ), 56X76 or Arches Torchon, 300 g, 56X76.




soft natural cow skin, flat, from sizes 18 to 26.



a list of colors will be given at the start of the course.